m-zion said: I have a question! I'm curious about speaking in tongues. I've never seen it in action, and I've only read about it. Have you done it, and what's it like?

Yes I’ve spoken in tongues before but I don’t really know how to explain it. The most I can say about it is that it’s a really strong, wonderful sensation that takes over your whole body!!


christian memes is officially too much


christian memes is officially too much

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All I wanna do is have church but it’s midnight and everyone’s asleep.

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It is reeeeally not safe for me to listen/sing to Jesus Said It while I’m driving.
Jesus take the wheel cause I cannot contain my praise!

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Reblog if you’re Pentecostal, and NOT ashamed. :)

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Anonymous said: so what exactly is Pentecostal?



have you ever seen Happy Feet? It’s the church version of that

that’s cuz we like to porty